Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Introduction to Techie Biotech Marketer

Background: As stated in my blog intro, I'm proud to have amassed critical strategic marketing skills in the biotech industry. The breadth of my experience includes brand strategy development, market opportunity assessments, and global product launches where I have driven strategic and tactical commercial plans across a broad range of global markets.

Too Traditional: I'd like to think that I've been on the cutting edge of technology and marketing; after all, I only graduated with my MBA from MIT Sloan (a school that knows a little bit about innovation and technology) just 5 years ago! However, my marketing approach has been traditional, conservative, and theoretical at best due to high regulations in this industry coupled with some complacency on my part.

Ready for Change! The field of marketing is undergoing a dramatic change and entering a new era. This blog is about my journey to learn more about the new fast-changing tools, techniques, and technologies, e.g. social media, digital marketing, blogging, inbound marketing, mobile technology, iPad/tablet apps.

My goal is to be a "techie biotech marketer"; a marketer on the forefront marketing disruption who utilizes the fast-changing tools & technology in the field of biotech/pharma; thereby ultimately changing the way we market drugs to physicians, payers, and patients.

Join Me! Please join me on my journey and let's learn together. Let's come up with some cool ideas. Let's generate some thought-provoking discussion. Let's push the system and see how far we can go!

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