Wednesday, June 29, 2011

iPad detailing to physicians

There seems to be a rapid rise of the use of iPad in biotech/pharma. I recently saw an iPad in use by a sales rep. It was mostly a digitized version of their printed marketing materials with some minor functionality of being able to email the physician abstracts. The marketing manager was sharing how the reps are spending more time on detailing because of the "coolness" factor of the iPad. Even I had a blast playing around with the iPad as my mind wandered about all the additional possibilites. I'm curious to learn how the use of the iPad and mobile devices will change the way we sell to physicians.

We can incorporate in our physician segments and pre-build our marketing messages based those segments. We can utilize the data of how much time a rep spend on a certain page or message. We can offer a high touch way to show videos and animations of product attributes and drug administration at the tip of our fingers. We can collect immediate customer insight through quick surveys of our key customers.

There are many more possibilities.  As you research agencies that can help you execute these ideas, make sure they have not only the capabilities to develop the tools, but also the knowledge of the regulations in your markets.

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